Unit tests with memory leaks assertion

If you are an iOS programmer, you must had set breakpoints at dealloc method to check is this object leaked. huh?
Memory leaks can be harmful, but it's trivial.

Checking and avoiding memory leaks in test cases is efficient and elegant.

We use Aspect to check is specific selector been called.

That's it, simple. It will be evaluate when each test cases finished.
The more statements you covered in unit tests, the more chances you find out memory leaks.

Tricky part - KVO'ed object

If your object been key-value observed, this could be a little bit tricky, Aspects can not handle method swizzling on KVO'ed object very well.

Quoting from Aspect's README

KVO works if observers are created after your calls aspect_hookSelector: It most likely will crash the other way around. Still looking for workarounds here - any help appreciated.

I had a workaround of KVO'ed object. Hooking class object instead of instance, this could be ambiguous for hooked instance, but it's fine since we using it in unit tests. If you followed unit testing principle that test cases had no dependencies with others, it should behaves like hooking to an instance.

PS. My matcher is OCHamcrest and Unit test framework is build-in XCTest.

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