Instruction of renaming the whole iOS project (CocoaPods integrated)

Open Xcode

  • Select your project inside Project navigator, there's a Name field inside File inspector under Identify and Type section.

  • Rename Scheme on Manage Schemes by clicking scheme name

Quite Xcode

  • Rename your OLD.xcworkspace to NEW.xcworkspace
  • Rename your assets folder such as OLD and OLDTests to NEW and NEWTests

Reopen Xcode

  • Project navigator will indicating your folder is missing, select missing folders, correct it with new folder name on File inspector's name field just like the very first step.

  • Rename targets name by clicking target name inside Targets list

  • Search and rename all hard-coded legacy name of target's build settings such as Info.plist and Product bundle identifier

Quit Xcode

  • execute pod deintegrate, CocoaPods will deleting pod related configs, scripts, generated frameworks and also Pods/ directory

Reopen Xcode

  • Clean and build

Most of the steps were highly inspired from StackOverflow Answers:
How do I completely rename an Xcode project (i.e. inclusive of folders)?

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