Android debugging over Wi-Fi

My MacBook USB-C hub cannot serve Huawei Nexus 6P USB cable connection well.
What matters is not only it often been disconnected but affect other USB devices.

Fucking annoying.

I had to come up with a solution: connect device over Wi-Fi
1. Connect Android device via cable
2. Execute adb tcpip 5555 on your dev computer
3. Execute adb kill-server on your dev computer
4. Execute adb connect {device_ip}:5555 on your dev computer
5. Cable-free now

- adb usb if you wish to switch back to USB

adb command details:
tcpip 5555

restart adb server listening on TCP on 5555 PORT
port 5555 opened across all involved firewalls and debug mode enabled


kill the adb server if it is running

connect {device_ip}:5555

connect to a device via TCP/IP

USB Host and Accessory
Android Debugging over WiFi

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